All Nations College, a college of Family of Faith Christian University trains Christ-centered leaders to advance God’s Kingdom in all nations. All Nations College is a distance education program that promotes and requires relationship building in a Christ-centered family-community.

The distinctives of All Nations College are:

  • Focused on Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered leadership in four major areas:
    • Church-planting & Leadership
    • Marketplace & Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Cross-cultural Missions Leadership
    • Wilderness Ministry Leadership

  • Committed to discipling the whole person, so each student can advance the kingdom of God in every area of life
  • Biblically and doctrinally sound
  • Strong emphasis on relational discipleship, so that learning is done in a loving, life-coaching, and practical context. With Christ and Christian community as a foundation, true character can be formed within each person’s heart, motives, and lifestyle.
  • Experiential learning that is aimed at developing competency in life and ministry
  • Personal development with the benefit of mentoring
  • Conversational interaction with teachers and others
  • The opportunity to cultivate long-term relationships that can be a source of ongoing partnership and support
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