Certificate in Worship Ministry

Specific Program Objectives

Students completing the Certificate in Worship Ministry will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the principles of Christian character development.
  • Know the contents of the books of the Bible and their backgrounds.
  • Identify and comprehend the fundamentals of Christian doctrine.
  • Identify and exhibit the principles of intercession.
  • Articulate a biblical philosophy of worship and integrate practical and biblical knowledge of using music in worship.
  • Accurately read, write, and perform music demonstrating ability through performance and composition as it applies to a church setting.
  • Describe the history of music in worship that shows a knowledge of the Word of God, of music and worship history.
  • Express a biblical, prophetic and intercessory theology and history of worship.
  • Effectively utilize the necessary character, leadership skills, and musical proficiency required of a worshiper and a worship leader.


BIB 103 Christian Character Development
BIB 113 Biblical Principles of Intercession
BIB 123 New Testament Survey
BIB 133 Old Testament Survey
BIB 213 Old Testament Prophets
BIB 223 Basic Theology 1
BIB 233 Basic Theology 2
BIB 303 Biblical Basis of Church Leadership
BIB 313 Biblical Foundations of Worship
3 hours  Biblical / Theological Studies Elective


MIN 303 Introduction to Modern Missions
WOR 201 Worship Practicum
WOR 213 Musical Theory for Worship 1
WOR 223  Musical Theory for Worship 2
WOR 233 Introduction to Worship Ministry
WOR 243 History of Music and Worship
WOR 313  Song Writing
WOR 323 Worship Team Leadership
WOR 333 Spirit Led Worship
WOR 453 Worship Internship
3 hours  Professional Electives (MIN, CHD, INT)


4 hours of the following
CSP 111 Christian Service

Other Requirements

  • If a student does not demonstrate the basic aptitude in Music Theory, he must complete an assigned curriculum before enrolling in Worship courses.
  • Prior to graduation, students must demonstrate proficiency in guitar or piano as well as in singing. This may require the student to take private lessons at his expense.
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