Bachelor of Arts in Education

Specific Program Objectives

In addition to the Comprehensive Objectives, students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Education will be able to do the following:

  • Verbalize a biblically sound philosophy of Christian education and discourse the philosophical,
    social, and historical foundations of education.
  • Describe the relationship between human development, behavior adjustment, the learning process, and individual differences.
  • Demonstrate the use of a variety of instructional methods and evaluation and assessment
  • Be skilled in the use of classroom management principles.
  • Identify and apply the Oklahoma’s General Competencies for Licensure and Certification and
    incorporate into lesson plans the Oklahoma Core Curriculum of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the national teaching standards.
  • Exhibit mastery and teaching ability in the subjects of math, reading, language arts, science, history, art, music, physical education, health, computers, and Bible in a Christian classroom.


BIB 103 Christian Character Development
BIB 113 Biblical Principles of Intercession
BIB 123 New Testament Survey
BIB 133 Old Testament Survey
BIB 213 Old Testament Prophets
BIB 223 Basic Theology I
BIB 233 Basic Theology II
PED 203 Introduction to Christian Education
6 hours Biblical / Theological Studies Electives


PED 211 Elementary Education Practicum
PED 213 Child & Adolescent Development
PED 223 Teaching Exceptional Learners
PED 233 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Math
PED 253 Education Technology
PED 262 Classroom Management
PED 292 Portfolio Creation
PED 313 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Language Arts
PED 323 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Science
PED 333 Meth./Mat. of Teaching History
PED 343 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Art & Music
PED 353 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Health and PE
PED 363 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Bible
PED 373 Storytelling & Children’s Literature
PED 410 Teaching Internship (10 hours)
PED 413 Tests & Measurements
PED 441 Portfolio Completion
PED 463 Diagnostic Reading Instruction
PED 473 Meth./Mat. of Teaching Reading
3 hours Professional Studies Elective


ENG 113 English Composition 1
ENG 123 English Composition 2
GEN 113 Fundamentals of Speech
GEN 213 Sociology
HIS 113 U.S. History
HIS 123 U.S. Government
HIS 133 World History
HIS 143 Contemporary History
HIS 313 Global Society
MAT 223 College Algebra
SCI 223 Earth Science
SCI 263 General Biology
Missions Focus 3 hours (choose one)
MIN 213 Evangelism OR
MIN 303 Introduction to Modern Missions OR
MIN 313 Church Planting


6 hours of the following
CSP 111 Christian Service

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