Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry: Wilderness Ministry Leadership Emphasis

Specific Program Objectives

In addition to the Comprehensive Objectives, students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry: Wilderness Ministry Leadership Emphasis will be able to do the following:

  1. Interpret and exegete the Word of God as they minister the Word through preaching and teaching.
  2. Articulate and model a biblical philosophy of leadership, vital church ministries, and ethical issues.
  3. Demonstrate leadership ability in various ministries of the church.
  4. Detail principles necessary for the continued and successful worldwide penetration of the gospel with reference to the move of God in the church past and present.
  5. Students completing their Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry with an emphasis in Wilderness Ministry Leadership will have cultivated a dynamic relationship with Christ & Christ’s Church, and developed the leadership competency to carry out effective evangelism and discipleship in the context of transformational wilderness ministry adventures.


BIB 143 Loving & Following Christ
BIB 153 Understanding & Applying the Gospel
BIB 163 Christ & The Kingdom of God
BIB 113 Biblical Principles of Intercession
BIB 123 New Testament Survey
BIB 133 Old Testament Survey
BIB 213 Old Testament Prophets
BIB 223 Basic Theology 1
BIB 233 Basic Theology 2
BIB 303 Biblical Basis of Church Leadership
BIB 313 Biblical Foundations of Worship
BIB 323 Synoptic Gospels
BIB 333 Pauline Epistles 1
BIB 343 Pauline Epistles 2

GENERAL STUDIES     39 hours

ENG 113 English Composition 1
ENG 123 English Composition 2
GEN 113 Fundamentals of Speech
GEN 213 Sociology
HIS 113 U.S. History
HIS 123 U.S. Government
HIS 133 World History
HIS 143 Contemporary History
HIS 313 Global Society
MAT 223 College Algebra
SCI 223 Earth Science
SCI 263 General Biology
3 hours  General Studies Electives

CHRISTIAN SERVICE              6 hours

6 hours of the following
CSP 111-161 Micro-Church Life
(1 hour credit per semester for six semesters)


MIN 323 Christ-Centered Leadership
WML 223 Wilderness Ministry Professional Course
WML 233 Wilderness First Responder
WML 323 Leave No Trace Educator
WML 333 40/40 Wilderness Course
WML 343 Single Pitch Rock Instructor
MIN 213 Evangelism
MIN 333 Disciple-Making
MIN 363 Inner-healing & Deliverance
WML 483 Senior Paper
WML 493 Senior Project
+16 Hours from the MIN, WOR, CHD, CPL, MEL, or CML Professional Studies Courses

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