Academic Success


One of the biggest concerns in distance education is the implication of the word “distance.” The traditional faculty members on the All Nations College & Family of Faith Christian University campus enjoy being available to their students and have agreed to be available to answer questions and give assistance to our distance education students as needed. Also, the instructors selected through Knowledge Elements Educational Network are also known for working with and assisting students. If you ever encounter difficulties in your distance education studies, you should immediately ask for assistance from your instructor. If you cannot access the instructor, please phone or e-mail the Vice President of Academic Affairs immediately so she can find someone to provide direction or tutoring for you.


G et Support!

Communication will help your parents, spouse, children, boss, friends, and pastor understand what is going on in your life. When they know this is a priority, they will do what they can to help you obtain your goal. Ask for prayer and help, especially when you are facing a busy week.

 A sk for Help!

There are many ways you may need help, and there are many people who can help you.  Be sure and contact your on-line instructor OR your on-campus staff members. They are here to make sure you finish with excellence!

M anage you Time.

Write out your weekly and monthly plans so you know what is most important (including time for family and rest). Get a calendar and circle ‘due dates’ in red so everyone knows when they are coming. Become familiar with the assignments so you can schedule “bite size” accomplishments. Use “down-time” (soccer practice, in the orthodontist’s waiting room, and lunch breaks) to your advantage. Keep a text and notepad with you for these occasions.

E liminate things that hinder.

Identify those areas that could hinder your studies (reading speed, note-taking, writing skills, citation of resources, computer skills). Get help with these areas and you will move forward with confidence! Also, remember that your degree is a life-goal worth achieving. Set aside any nonessential activities that you can pick up again when you are done.


O rganize!

Find a place with less distraction that can be used for study such as a library. If you can’t find a desk or table where things can be left out, then find a book-bag or backpack that you ONLY use for course materials. Make sure you have a calendar and that you use it!

N ame your Needs!

Eat well. Stay hydrated. Rest well. Take a day off to revive yourself. Exercise—even a short, brisk walk can clear your mind and help you focus.

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